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About us


Secret prisons for teens was founded in 2006 as it became clear that imported methods used on at-risk teenagers in Denmark were both untested and dangerous.

The Wiki database over residential programs for teenagers was established in 2007. Today there are over 700 entries over behavior modification programs in about 27 countries.

The goal with the wiki database is to create a worldwide dictionary over residential programs and other solutions used to address the so-called at-risk teenagers behavior.

How do we work

We are a number of named and unnamed persons assigned to various message boards and social networks. Beside our normal life each member of Spft has a specific work area. Every information is sent back to a number of volunteers who maintains the wiki databases.

We do not meet in persons with survivors or other staff members. For pure ethical reasons we communicate over the Internet only. If a volunteer approaches you asking for a personal meeting, please report it to the email alert<a>

Our policy is to let volunteers work on message boards in another country than they live. It makes them harder to target legally. Most of our work is done inside the Danish borders. Denmark is known to be a country supporting free speech regardless of the consequences.

Where can you find us

Carsten Overgaard Joan Schmidt Angela E. Burns Alice Burns
Mr. Overgaard founded our organization in 2006.

Mr. Overgaard's family is originated from both Denmark and Finland. During WWII some of his family members were forced to move. Others were subjected to become members of the ruling party organization in what is now Russia.

Due to health reasons Mr. Overgaard has retired from active work and is now focusing on administrative tasks only.

Miss Schmidt is studying in Denmark but used to live in the United States.

She is maintaining our Facebook activities.

Miss. Burns has retired after a long working life.

Miss Burns maintains our blogs and participate in discussions on Danish message boards and blog environments.

She was working in the marketing business and share an apartment with her sister Andrea.

Miss Burns is the cousin of the sisters. She is a secretary.

She is maintaining our Myspace activities.

Oscar Petterson Jens Petersen Paulu Nuumien Kurt Joensen
Mr. Petterson is working in the health care industry.

Mr. Petterson is our contact person at the message board Fornits.

Mr. Petersen is a sales consultant.

Mr. Petersen is our contact person at the message board antiwwasp

Mr. Nuumien is stationed here as part of his job.

Mr. Nuumien is our contact person at the Youthrights message board.

Mr. Joensen is a logistic manager.

He is participating in discussions on Danish message boards and blog environments. He is also our contact person to CAFETY.

Klaus D. Kristoffersen Karl Johanson Otlih Nuumien Other caseworkers
Mr. Kristoffersen is studying in Aarhus.

He is our contact person on the website Troubled Teen Industry.

Mr. Johanson is studying in Aarhus.

He is known as Wiki Researcher on Fica Networks old message board.

Mr. Nuumien is studying in Copenhagen while his brother is stationed here.

Mr. Nuuminen is our contact person at the Livewire message board.

A number of people volunteer for our organization and we also exchange informations wither other communities than the ones which are listed on this page.

We are grateful for your contribution.